Die Menschen sollen sich verständigen können


The present Deutsche Bildwörterbuch is a German Picture Dictionary that teaches the meaning und pronounciation of more than 4505 words. The meaning of the words is presented with 2691 photos, pictures and illustrations of objects, actions or graphic descriptions. Additional words or exercises are explained in sentences enclosed in the yellow areas. The dictionary  offers a basic vocabulary which is, for an adult who is studying German, a useful tool for practical communication.

The pedagogical advantages of this Picture Dictionary lie in the easier learning process. When the pictures (that is meaning) are ordered according to context together with

spelling and pronounciation, they are easier to retain. The Bildwörterbuch is  built around 11 themes, and each scenario is a mirror of modern German life.  Such as shopping, sports club, workplace, recycling system, butcher or going swimming, and other everyday situations are presented and explained.

To help the student with the learning of the somewhat tedious  der, die and das gender of nouns , in the BW the articles are coloured according to their origin, independent of the declination.

The student is also not on his own with the spoken word: two experienced radio speakers  read the words in the accompanying 4 CDs , so that seeing and listening are connected in the memory. At the same time, the proper pronounciation is taught so that the the student can compare it with his own. This model follows the successful HSLS language teaching system: see the picture and the word, hear it, learn it and the speak it.

The Picture Dictionary ist not intended as the sole teaching text for learning German, but it is an additional efficient and many facetted instrument for an adult to learn a thematically oriented working vocabulary. The few pages of grammar are only intended to help the student in the sentences used in the BW. Last not least, a vocabulary is the most important  aspect of a foreign language.

We wish our readers success but also some fun in using the German Picture Dictionary

Introduction to the second edition


The acceptance of the Bildwörterbuch by German language teachers and students brought  this second edition to print. Althought has the same vocabulary as the first edition the changes in the picture selection as well as in the colour printing quality are an advantage for the reader.


                                                                                           Professor Iván Botskor